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Feeling lost in love? Time to bring on the LOVE POWERS!
Live training with Milena Nguyen
There are millions of people in long distance relationships. But you are special.
care about your career
have big dreams
work hard to make them happen
feel that you're meant for an amazing life
 Check the video, sign up below
Ready to be empowered.
Awaken your 3 Love Powers
Solve the long-distance challenges
Build a relationship and life of your dream

Time & Date

Saturday 22 July
@ 7:45PM GMT+8
(8:00AM Eastern Time)

Online Event

So you can join even in your pyjamas!

Milena Nguyen

3-time TEDx Speaker, Author
Founder of HER Academy
Creator of LDR Works Program
What you'll learn...
5 Limiting Beliefs that Hold You Back from Love
"I need a relationship to be fulfilled."
"I should focus on my career first. Relationship second."
These are just 2 of them. 
How to Awaken your 3 Love Powers
Love Power 1: Mastering your Emotion
Love Power 2: Transforming Fear into Love
Love Power 3: Accessing your Intuitive Guidance
12 Steps to Build Strong Love Despite the Distance
The 12-step roadmap to:
- Solve the long-distance challenge 
Build a sweet, empowering, and liberating relationship.
Seats are expected to run out in...
Just by registering to this webinar, you will receive...
"The 13 Biggest Mistakes We Make In Long-Distance Love"
"I learned this after 9 years being in 3 different LDRs. Get it, save your heart and your relationship from pain."
In this guidebook...
  •  My story of 9 years in LDR and what I learned
  •  13 Biggest Mistakes that we - especially women - make in Long-Distance Love 
  •  LDR Health-Check:  a great exercise to understand how healthy is your love. 
  •  and more :) 
What My Students Are Saying:
My relationship is growing emotionally. 
"Thanks to Milena's guidance and professionalism, my skills to enrich and bring the best in my relationship are empowered. 

She is a generous and giving coach who trains the self-worth and self-love in her coachees. 

I didn't expect to learn from Milena that "Love is my nature" and the hows of Nonviolent Communication. I was amazed that she used meditation in her coaching program; through it she teaches discipline, hard work and dedication. 

Her coaching sessions are full of love. They nurture my heart and give insights to my mind.

I feel as if I switched to another frequency, and my relationship is growing emotionally. And I am just in the 5th out of 12 weeks of the program!

I recommend it to all the individuals who need support and seek for understanding themselves in their long distance relationship."
Dr. Lumi Butuc, Italy
She makes me confident that LDR WORKS!
"Joining Milena's coaching program taught me self-awareness. 

It made me appreciate my relationship more. Milena was able to transform the "loneliness" of being in an LDR to a whole sense of adventure. How to create a bond through distance and dynamics to make it fun and exciting. 

I can see improvements in myself in communicating and dealing with my partner. I listen more and talk less. I trust more. She makes me confident that LDR WORKS!!!

Milena is a supportive, generous, and empathetic coach. She doesn't judge. Rather, she makes you feel understood and that you are not alone in this journey. She even helps you know why you feel a certain way. She shares a lot of tips and experiences.

Milena is the best in what she does."
Maria Lorena T. Borres, 
E-marketing Coordinator & Financial Advisor, Philippines
Love and peace from the inside out.
“I chose Milena's coaching because the program help me with my relationship starting from myself. 

To be in peace with my outside world (this includes my relationship) is to be in peace with myself. 

During the sessions, she helps me aware of myself, about what I wanted from my relationship, about how I really felt about it. 

The most important part was to spot those problems I was having with my boyfriend and find the strength to face them and talked them through with him.  

I love the way Milena gives support and encourage me to be brave in my relationship. She's always open to listen. She answers to my questions with the best intentions, honesty, and straightforwardness.
This program has taught me how to approach certain problems and topics with my boyfriend not from a place of fear but from a place of love - caring about the other person and about me. 
Italia Martinez, México 
This program heals me from the past.
"Milena is a very cheerful and positive person. Her happiness and joy are contagious that I can't help but feel positive as well. 

Since she has experienced different scenarios in her relationships, she lets us know the reality of our situation without sugarcoating it and guides us through step by step. 

I gained a lot of knowledge that I didn't expect from this program such as self-love, how to give and take in love and especially being non-judgemental in observing things as they are in the relationship. 

I have also learned about meditation that helps me gaining peace with my mind and emotions. There are a lot more that I have learned which can't be found in other coaching programs.

Milena is very patient as a coach and gives endless support throughout the program. 

This program makes me understand more about myself, heals me from my past relationship, gives me the courage to move on in my life and slowly accept myself as who I am."
Hayley, Malaysia
What Other Coaches Are Saying
She will give you wings and help you soar.
    "This young lady strikes me as someone who’s spirited, full of love for life and for women. The words come to my mind when I meet her are vibrancy, joy, love, freedom
    She has a precious message to share in this world. She takes a strong stand to support women and help them reach their fullest potentials. 
    If you have the chance to meet Milena or to work with her, follow that gut feeling of yours and grab that chance! 
    She will give you wings and help you soar to the person you’re meant to be."
Wan Pin,
Coach and Founder of Heart Moms Tribe, Singapore
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